VW GOLF MK5 GTI PIRELLI | Kev Cunningham | StillStatic | VWHome

Nowadays its hard for modern cars to become a little special with an own identity. The MK5 GTI is a lucky one, because straight from the factory he was chosen to be a Pirelli GTI and on top of it at one day Kev Cunningham bought him. This guy is incredible when you got the chance to know him, he is a professional worker in carbonfibre, so no wonder all the details at his car were done by himself. The Pirelli theme is perfectly designed to all parts Kev did, for example the dash, boarding afford and seatbelts. The body is lowered with a set of Stillstatic H&R Deep 140 Special kit and some Audi R8R8 front brakes rs7 rear of course yellow, behind mb design vr1.3 20x8.5 wheels. Possible because of srs tec Widened Front wings Smooth front end r32 rear bumper with full repaint. The engine is equipped with a Revo Intake system & Stage 2+ Map, an 3” turbo back exhaust, an Air tech intercooler and a Loba motorsport fuel pump. Inside of this Beauty Kev did a Full Retrim inside yellow belts by Lavish Automotive. Inside the Carbon dash inserts, carbon number plate, carbon sill protectors were all made by the owner Kev Cunningham.

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SONGS: Menual x Spaceouters - Traveller

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Location: Telford, UK