VW Caddy MK1 14D | Brandon | VWHome

Brandon's caddy was on top of our list with cars we wanted to feature. He built the caddy together with his father and put style and quality on point in our mind. Rotiform SEA - 7j and 8j together with Airlift performance front struts and a Custom rear beam are the perfect setup for a MK1 Caddy. Powered by the 1.8T engine out off an Audi S3 with chrome all over the bay it is also super fast. Inside the Recaro RS turbo seats with fishnet headrest and Harris tweed interior, Nardi steering wheel are incredible together with the full respray. Smoothed engine bay with the tailgate logo on the firewall were done to the body and also small bumpers and all the chrome trim Volkswagen did to the MK1s.

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Location: Telford, UK