Tuning a 2,126HP, 83PSI 4 cylinder SR20 | Shane Tecklenburg [TECH TALK]

What does it take to get a high output drag engine down the drag strip? Shane Tecklenburg (Tuned by Shane T) runs us through some of the considerations and strategies involved with tuning the 2,000HP+ Mazworx Racing Engines billet block, MoTeC controlled Team Tekno Toyz drag car.

The 2.2L Nissan SR20 engine being discussed is (as of publishing) now producing 2,126 HP at 83 PSI via a compound Xona Rotor setup feeding a single Garrett GTX55. Atomizer Fuel Systems 575 injectors keep the methanol flowing and Shanes comment of the car taking the title by the end of the year is looking better and better with the most recent run being 6.456 seconds.

Touched on are how to manage a small capacity engine with a large turbo and why intercoolers are important for this purpose despite many drag cars running without them. Shane also discusses some of the areas he focuses on for launch control including turbo surge, the importance of giving the ECU a large control range over ignition time cuts and why GPS tracking is superior to driveshaft speed.

Fun fact: The car picks up about 9-10 PSI boost due to the ram-air intake as it hammers down the strip.

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