[TECH TALK] Modifying an RB26? You NEED to watch this! | R32 GT-R

In this first episode, we’re going to look at the first things any R32 owner should do when looking to improve the output of their RB26DETT. Among the upgrades we do to the car are a plug & play Link ECU, Walbro 255LPH fuel pump, Bosch 1000cc EV14 injectors and a MAC 3 port boost control solenoid to keep the factory turbos that have previously been fitted with steel wheels at the boost levels we want.

We remove a previously fitted wasted spark system replacing it with a later model G35 coil and plug system and also bypass the ballast resistor to accommodate our new high impedance fuel injectors using a simple wire in kit from NZEFI - Performance, Tuning and Development.

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