Super D Matsuri tandem with Nakamura! - Day 1

From Fielding Shredder:

We decided to head over to the Super D Matsuri for some fun to research the event and see how it was, and man did we have fun! They really captured a lot of the Japanese spirit with the event, and it was very enjoyable. It was interesting to see so many style based drift cars trying to get around the track, and the newer wave of beat up Animal Style cars throwing down amazing tandem with Naoki Nakamura from Pink Style / Team Burst. It felt a lot like Meihan without the wall, with so many rad little 240SX with cool body kits. I hope to bring some of our Lone Star Drift cars out soon, and give Cali a bit of our Texas flavor. It would be fun to see the differences in driving and style.

There were a lot of fun special guests like the Hoonigan guys, Chelsea Denofa, Brandon Witnick, and many others.

Super D Matsuri