Hang out with Julian while he preps his car for Round 1

Julians youtube account: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtxf...

Julian Ramirez over at Slidelife submitted this V log to me, he is one of our Lone Star Drift drivers that has been with us for some time, and is super involved in our series. You can see him putting his car together, and a little bit of what it takes to get everything reliable and great looking. He makes it look a bit too easy in this video to maintain a drift car lol, it isn't quite this easy!!! His car is always super clean and reliable though, and a joy to have at the events. He is also a key person in our drift event parties, and making sure the crowd is happy and entertained and full of drinks.

So please enjoy this video about his Round 1 S14 prep, and keeping his SR20 alive and happy!

Vinyl wrap.