Lone Star Drift TV - Reality drifting TV show at 130 mph?

Lone Star Drift was invited to do a shoot to see if we would work as a reality TV show! Will we be the New Jersey Shore? Probably not, I don't have the hair for it. But what we did do is head down to our favorite race track to go shoot a little pilot episode, and in the mean time we shot our own youtube content. Our normal LSD drivers brought out there drift cars like Harrison's RX7 FC and Fielding's 2JZ S14, and I brought my 5.0 Mustang. Oh, and the monster Vans E36 BMW was there too, with his 650 WHP turbo motor. Patrick made it out in his SR20 S13 as well, rounding out the 250 hp TXSL crowd.

Who knows if the TV show will happen, but it is always good fun to go drifting, and Harrison is nice enough to work at the track and hook us up with some shooting time.

Also, you will notice in this video that Fielding's 2JZ car is redeeming itself as a fast boi, keeping up with the Vans car! That is a pretty big deal, as his car wasn't that fast last time we were out here!