I'm Getting a BMW M5! | GARAGE

My daily driver in Germany is going to be the brand new BMW M5! The latest generation F90 M5 features the M xDrive system that can be set in both 4WD and 2WD modes; something we'll be having a lot of fun with this summer so stay tuned, I can't wait!

The latest addition to the Shmee150 fleet comes thanks to BMW, from whom the car is being loaned. For 3 months from May to August I will be lucky enough to drive with the M5 to a number of events and activities across Europe and experience using it as a daily driver.

The BMW M5 features a 4.4l twin turbocharged V8 making 600PS and 750Nm, and thanks to the 4WD system that means 0-62mph/100km/h is just 3.4 seconds. While carrying through incredibly sporty characteristics, the M5 has always initially seemed fairly understated and loaded with technology and comfort features. From experience, when you get to the race track though it becomes a whole different animal! I've had three track outings with the F90 M5, at Miramas (BMW's test centre in France), Estoril (Lisbon, Portugal) and Valencia (Spain) and each term emerged with the "M smile" - I'm sure it's not about to stop there!

During the visit to the BMW stand at the 2018 Geneva Motorshow I also had the opportunity to chat with Adrian van Hooydonk, Head of Design for BMW, to look and discover the new M8 Gran Coupe concept that was just launched right here at the show.

A big thanks from me to BMW for the opportunity to share further videos and content with you featuring the M5 this year, let me know what you'd be interested to see?!

Thanks for watching, Tim

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