How to drift - tandem etiquette

How to drift - tandem etiquette

All drivers in the Lone Star Drift Series need to watch this video and understand the etiquette of crashing cars into each other. One does not simply jump into tandem with other cars and drift straight into their doors, there is a method to the madness. You need to make sure any drifting you do with other drivers is planned and well understood by all parties, as this is potentially dangerous and ruinous to the cars involved. Would you want some random idiot crashing into you when you have no idea someone is even on track with you?

Also, it is super important to always be aware of your surroundings, have clear and simple communication skills with other drifters, and have fun.

That about covers it, watch the video and don't be an idiot! ( we are all idiots, I know, but try not to be a complete one ). This is important now that anyone can go buy a cheap 350z for a grand and go battle it out in our parking lot events without having to go through all the frustration of building a cage and an entire race car. They have so little in the entire project that they can drive incredibly aggressively and abusively to their cars and treat them like missile cars. So remember that! A 240SX isn't going to take crashes like a 1k dollar 350z is!

Learn to drift.