GSXR 1000 Powered Spartan Trike Build Project

Design Abstract
Spartan Trike Design and build project a single seat, motorcycle powered reverse trike with power to weight ratio and handling characteristics similar to an open wheel formula racer. This should be done at a minimum of cost by using as many OEM motorcycle drive train parts as possible.

Initial Design Specifications
Passengers: 1
Street Legal: Yes
Total Weight : 800lbs (362 kg) + Driver
Wheelbase: 95" (241.3 cm)
Track: 70" (177.8 cm)
Total Length: 130" (330.2)
Ride Height: 4" (10.16 cm)
Total Height: 48" (121.92 cm)

Motor: 05' GSXR 1000 (175hp)
Chassis: Mild Steel, MIG welded, Tube Frame
Front Suspension: Double Wishbone, Pushrod (w/ QA1 Coilovers)
Rear Suspension: OEM 06' GSXR 1000 Swingarm and Strut
Steering: Rack and Pinion (1-1/2 turns lock-to-lock)
Tires: 205/40R17 All Around
Fuel: 3 gal
Expected Range: 90-100 Miles
Estimated Cost: $12k