Genesis Massive Presents New Zealand Drift Matsuri Madness!


TL:DR Genesis Massive is awesome! Drifting is awesome! New Zealand is awesome! Drifting in New Zealand with Genesis Massive is super awesome! So everyone knows about the Drift Matsuri that happens in Japan, but what people don't know is how diverse and crazy drifting is in New Zealand. The car culture here is so rich in JDM cars and the rest of the world doesn't know how deep it goes.

We here at Genesis Massive wish to change that and bring New Zealand drifting into the limelight so everyone can experience and enjoy the car culture NZ has to offer. You'll more often than not see R32/33/34's, C33's, JZX's & other JDM cars just driving around the streets and of course this means we drift them as well. We have so much more to say and show you but we'll save that for other videos, you'll definitely be seeing more of us on the channel so just watch the video and enjoy! You can catch more of our antics on our own channel, Genesis Massive, as we'll be making content here, specifically for you guys.