Discover the Venom F5 with John Hennessey! | FIRST LOOK

The Hennessey Venom F5 arrives with the intention of hitting 300mph and who better to give us a guided walkaround than John Hennessey himself! Taking a look around, we can get a scoop on some interesting numbers that'll be behind the Venom F5.

Showing the car for the first time at the Geneva Motorshow, the Venom F5 will be powered by an 8.0 litre V8 with "at least two turbos", creating "at least 1,600hp" - some impressive numbers for sure. The design is clearly focused with this in mind, showing aerodynamic and cooling elements to support the direction it is headed.

A big thanks to John for his time to explore the car, and a congratulations on presenting it to the world at the Geneva Motorshow.

Thanks for watching, Tim