Corvette and Nismo 370Z drift build off - Day 3 - Hang out video

Well we finally finished the Corvette and Nismo 370Z, drifted them, installed all the parts, hugged, and everyone went home! Everything worked out amazing, we all had a lot of fun, and boy were we tired! Adam LZ and MotionAuto TV already released their videos and are in just the first few days the project already had a million views on youtube which is crazy! So the whole thing is a huge success. The livery is being designed right now, and Adam and crew will hopefully make it out to Round 1 of Lone Star Drift. Some notes, it is interesting, the differences between the Corvette steering in drift an the 370Z. The wisefab on the 370Z kind of deletes the joy of the steering feel, but the Corvette setup amplified the joy. I wasn't expecting that! Both cars drifted really well though.

That is Adam LZ in the car doing sweet 360s by the way. He keeps getting better and better so quickly at drifting!