370Z and Corvette drift car build off, day 2! Hang out with us.

I can't keep up with the professional Vloggers Adam and Trevor, they shoot out content so fast! However, I can put out my little version of stuff for fun even if I am late to the party! As you probably already know, the drift car build off went great, the cars are rad, they both drift amazing, whatever. The other people spoiled it all for us. But I am going to put up the video anyways lol! It rounds out the experience a bit if you are curious how it all went down, each of us has a bit of a different point of view, even if we were all in the same place. I am excited to have such fun friends to make videos with!

Oh, I am sure you will figure out immediately, but the Corvette makes an amazing drift car with just the addition of a simple knuckle setup from vettenuts.net. Search their site for their angle kit, and have a blast with it if you have a vette! Huge thanks to my friends Marco Martinez and Nick Thomas as well! Huge thanks to Adam LZ and Trevor from Motion Auto TV! This has been a really fun project so far!

This video is meant to give you the feeling of hanging out with us, and is not a heavily edited or over the top affair. It is just relaxed and easy to edit as we have had so much going on!