1932 Ford "Deuce Flyer" Roadster Build Project

They only let one 1932 Ford Roadster into the competition for the Ridler Award this year, but it is a good one and worthy of the award. Al Nagele’s Deuce Flyer 1932 Ford Roadster is as exquisitely beautiful as it is cutting edge progressive. Stretched and pinched, it is a jewel among true hot rod customs. The Roadster Shop stretched the ’32 Brookville steel roadster chassis while they pinched and stepped the frame rails with refabricated cross members. They dropped the front 5 inches. The center section is a Ford 9″ with positraction. The Deuce Flyer has a GM LS6 motor with CNC heads, Comp Cam, Edelbrock dual quads and a TKO500 5-speed. They estimate this little roadster will create 500 horsepower. About Noon today we noticed there was a Great 8 sign in their display.

In previous year’s there might have been five or more 1930’s Ford roadsters in the Ridler Award competition. This year Al Nagele’s Deuce Flyer 1932 Ford Roadster is the only one represented in the Great 8. It is entered in the Altered Street Roadster – Pre 1935 category.

Project Built at:
Roadster Shop
28775 N. Rte 83
Mundelein, IL 60060
847-949-RODS (7637)