We Tried to Launch a Tesla to Space Too | Car Boys | Donut Media

Did you watch SpaceX and Elon Musk launch the Falcon Heavy with the Tesla Roadster aboard to space? So did we! And we thought, that’s sick. We should do that too. A Tesla Model X HotWheels counts, right?

Our high altitude weather balloon [Donut Heavy] encountered some issues—some of which may or may not have been our fault—and probably didn’t totally make it to space, but it did succeed in traveling over 250 miles across the California border to Nevada haha. The balloon got so low at one point that it hit the top of a “mountain” and busted the Model X off. It’s still out there somewhere, and if you want to go find it and bring it/send it to us, that would be hilarious and we’ll give you something haha. 

Here’s a Google Drive folder that includes some of the raw footage + the GPS tracking data: https://drive.google.com/drive/folder...

Original track “Spacey Space” from our bud Brandon McCulloch:

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