The Enthusiasts - The True Story Of UK Car Culture

The Enthusiasts tells the true story of UK car culture. The aim of the documentary is to show this culture from the view of those involved, and not from the stereotypical point of the media. Featuring enthusiasts from all backgrounds of the culture, giving a full unbiased story. People who have taken their love for cars, and turned it into a business or profession. Not everyone should be tarred with the same brush of the 'Boy Racer'...

Three years in the making. This is the original UK car culture film #TheEnthusiasts

Featuring -
Jay McToldridge
Richard Maguire
Julian Smith
Jordan Clarke
Steve Biagioni
Dan Fegent
Gianni Lamanuzzi
Ian Waddington
Mark Gillam
James Deane
Danny Grundy

Filmed and Edited by Rikki Doughty for Thirteen Media

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The Enthusiasts:

The views expressed in this film are not necessarily the views of Thirteen Media.