RoadKill Ice Drag Racing at Merrill Wisconsin: Hot Rod Mike Finnegan and Tony Angelo

Hot Rod RoadKill filmed an episode in Merrill, Wisconsin in which Mike Finnegan and Tony Angelo took the Earle Camino (1977 El Camino drag car) from St. Louis to Merrill, Wisconsin to enter into the Ice Drags on frozen over Lake Alexander.

When Tony and Mike started the trip things were going smooth up until they hit Chicago and an unexpected snow storm came upon them and made the drive a bit challenging. Then as they passed through Chicago the Earle Camino was overheating on them and ended up blowing out the head gaskets. They stopped at a shop North of Chicago and pulled the intake and heads to replace the gaskets. I heard them say that some of the valves had chips taken out of them. I saw on an Instagram post that they ended up getting a set of Dart heads to put on there and they were back on the road.

In this event is was quite impressive how they traveled that far, tore half the engine apart and still came in 2nd place with out ever driving on a frozen lake before no less drag racing on a frozen lake.

It was a great time at this event and I hope they come back again and do it next year!

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RoadKill Ice Drag Racing Merrill Wisconsin