Gatliamburg 2017 - VIOLENT CLIQUE

Taking a different approach to event coverage this time, focusing more on the lifestyle and the people behind what makes events so great! Shot over 4-5 days with all the Violent Clique guys in Gatlinburg, TN.

The whole premise of this film for me is to promote having a good time, plain and simple! When you go to an event, your only motive should be to enjoy yourself! Violent Clique as a group does only this, we have fun! If you're one of the people that stands around judging everybody else on what they're doing, I suggest you re-evaluate. Gatlinburg is the one time of year most of us get to be together for any length of time and it's just an amazing experience to be in such a beautiful area, with all your homies and sharing your passion for cars with others!

Thank you to everybody involved in this project; all the guys at Violent for being family, Benjamin Gartin for funding this, the music producers, the show organisers etc etc! It was an incredible weekend and I can't wait to shoot it again in 2018!

'Gatliamburg' - the name GatLIAMburg came about when I had jokingly made a comment on how my coverage from the previous years show was responsible for the success of the event this year. 'it's my show now' (obviously it was a joke) but everyone started calling it Gatliamburg, so we ran with it haha! But I will be continuing to attend the show and capture the lifestyle around it each year!

Music List:
- Kboud - BENEATH (
- Victor Olsson - Playing Around the House (
- Kboud - MISTA MAYNE (
- Slips & Slurs - Moving Hectic (
- Daily - Seamus Mcnamara (
- Hazey Eyes - Some Reason (
- $uicideboy$ - Stop Calling Us Horrorcore (
- $uicideboy$ - South Side Suicide (
- Waka Flocka - Grove St Party (
- Be Right There - Niklas Ahlström (
- Grant - Are We Still Young (

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Show hosted by SlammedENUFF?

Film and Edit by Liam Eyles.