Finnegan's Garage Ep.46: Revolutionary Hydraulic Suspension for My Chevy C10 Truck

I tend to switch my focus from one project vehicle to the next depending on what is happening in my life, what parts I have in my garage, and how good the waffles taste in the morning. During the period of time that I made this video the planets were aligned so that my homies from MRC Fabrication could hang out at my garage and help jump start the rejuvenation of my 1967 Chevrolet C10 truck, a project that i began nearly 10 years ago, got running, sold and then bought back last summer. The C10 is a bagged, body dropped and LT4-swapped rocker-dragging show truck. When my friends and I first put it together all I cared about was being as low as possible and tucking 22-inch inch wheels inside of the fenders. We accomplished that back in 2007 when the truck first hit the road with an LS2 under the hood. After buying the truck back last summer (without the LS2) my tastes had changed; I still wanted a really low truck but I also wanted it to be fast and handle well. With that in mind I began installing an Chevrolet Performance supercharged LT4 engine (think Z06 Corvette!) and a Tremec Magnum six-speed manual gearbox. I got as far as completing the exhaust system when I met Jimmy Bullard. Jimmy told me about a new suspension design he was working with Mittler Bros on and it sounded like the exact thing I needed to make this truck handle the way I wanted it to. In this video I'll show you how we replaced the fabricated front clip and suspension system with MRC's mandrel bent frame rails, aluminum spindles, and Flaming River rack and pinion steering. Then we'll show you all about this revolutionary suspension system that utilizes hydraulic fluid to raise and lower my truck but not in the traditional sense. These Hydroshox contain a coilover-type damper within a hydraulic cylinder. The cylinder does the ride hight adjustment and the coilover controls the handling characteristics. Although I've got a lot of work to finish before I'll get to road test the truck, this video will cover the install and in the end you can see the truck lift up and down. And, yes, I will buy a set of wheels that fit the truck better. For more information visit the links below.

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