Finnegan's Garage Ep.45 Blasphemi Gets Metalflake and New Headers

It's been awhile, I know, but I'm back. The end of 2017 was crazy as production of Roadkill ramped up and we filmed several episodes in a short amount of time before the end of the year. Basically, I was gone for weeks at a time and when I got back home I spent a lot of time with my family rather than in my garage. That's not to say I wasn't busy. In December I got my car back from the body shop after having the old, peeling, vinyl wrap removed and a fresh coat of paint applied to the body. Then I built a new stainless steel exhaust system using parts from

Blasphemi is now back together, doing burnouts and I'm looking forward to warmer weather and some track time. This video will show you how I built the new exhaust system. From the tools to the techniques I'll show you exactly how I welded a stainless steel exhaust system from readily available parts.

Oh and if you want to grab one of those cool see-through welding cups you can find them at

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