Driveshaft, Throttle Pedal & Cable Fitted! - RA24 Toyota Celica Project - EP22

We install the custom Xcessive Manufacturing driveline and it mates up the J160 6-speed transmission to our AE86 GTS rear end perfectly, plus we install a new AE86 throttle cable from Battle Garage RS, a Throttle Linkage Conversion kit from SQ Engineering, and test fit a AW11 MR2 throttle pedal. Pete also goes "full Moose" on the trunk bracket for the OE jack to make room for an Odyssey battery install.

Xcessive driveline (ours uses a custom length for the Celica chassis, but they can build you whatever you need):

Battle Garage RS for all sorts of OE and performance parts for old Toyotas like ours including the AE86 non cruise control throttle cable:

SQ Engineering for that sweet Reverse Pull-Down throttle linkage conversion kit:

Stripping Tech in Cambridge, ON for all your blasting a powdercoating needs:

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