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The best option for a garage is to have two cars, one to work on and on the other side a finished one to drive and enjoy your time with. Heiner Meyer is such a lucky fanatic. His project car is a Volkswagen Beetle, built in 1985 in Mexiko, will get a 1800ccm. Some modifications at the suspension and body are planed, we will have to do an update later..
Heiner's second car in his garage is a Jetta MK1 from 1983 with sunroof, PG engine with a Turbo and a fresh paint in the original Graphitgrau. A shorter FK Königsport coilovers together with BBS in 7 und 8x16 ET49 give the VW a mild tuned look. He hasn't planed more modifications to it, just some small repairs and optimizations.

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SONGS: Korosu - Belated

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Location: Zeven, Germany
Car: VW Jetta MK1 & VW Beetle, Heiner Meyer