[TECH TOUR] 1200 HP 7 Second WRX gets the time attack conversion | Andy Forrests ‘Stormtrooper’

With 7.7 second quarter mile heritage, Andy Forrest of Andy Forrest Performance (AFP) Syvecs controlled AWD 1200 HP Subaru flat 6 H6 powered ‘GC8’ WRX underwent some radical changes for the 2017 World Time Attack Challenge.

A single Precision 8385 turbo pushing out 33 PSI and Nitrous force feeds the H6 that has been bored out to 3.6L. In-house AFP cams & ported heads, an Arrow crank plus Mahle forged pistons are all vital pieces of the 1200 HP puzzle along with an EcuTek tuned GT-R GR6 transaxle dual-clutch gearbox that lives forward of the rear axle with a chain driven Escort Cosworth diff driving the front wheels. This packaging gives the car a balanced 51/49 weight split with the aid of a causal 600 - 700mm engine relocation towards the rear.

Alcon brake calipers help pull the car up for the corners and Andrew Brilliants aero input helps keep traction and control at high speed. A Life Racing PDU keypad and AiM displays allow Andy to make and monitor adjustments on the fly. One interesting future addition in the same vein will be the ability to adjust the ride height on the go via one of Andys own numerous engineering experiments.

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