SERIOUS PROBLEM discovered while tuning! How did I miss this? It was so obvious - Just when I think I'm ready to get on the dyno, we discover a serious problem with the motor. Is it ignition? Fuel? Let's find out! 
Thanks to the help of Erik Cruz of Vanquish tuning, he has equipped me with the tools and knowledge to build my own GC8 STI swap base map for the AEM Series 2 standalone ecu! He is pretty much teaching me how to tune. That's awesome right? 
Well, when it comes to tuning you can only tune as good as the hardware will allow you. I got through setting up my base map and when it came time to verify my AFR targets, I noticed something was up and discovered a SERIOUS PROBLEM with cylinder #1. What could it be? We will find out! 
 Join me as I share some knowledge about building base maps, how ignition timing and o2 feedback tables work, and how to diagnose the issue with cylinder #1. 
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