RWB Porsche 993 Targa Widebody | 503 Motoring | Vossen Forged ERA-3 3-Piece Wheels

The introduction of the Vossen Forged 3-piece Program is right at home on any widebody or fender-flared car, and at this point in aftermarket automotive history there's no flares or widebody more noteworthy than that of RWB. Akira Nakai, the modest and insanely-hardworking craftsman behind each and every RWB Porsche in existence, ensures his quality by controlling nearly all the variables, all the way down to installation. Circling the globe several times a year, Nakai visits garages, homes and events installing his kit on any variety of 964 or 993 Porsche 911, but only now, due to Vossen's introduction to the forged 3-piece wheel market, have we been able to take part in Nakai's vision.

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