Everyone loves a bit of flogging! In this episode we go for a ride a a rebuilt BMW M3 about to run a supercharger! We do a few cheeky BMW M3 accelerations and bring you some nom nom S54 exhaust sound! Then we bring a Nissan 370z in for a service. Running a V6 VQ37 these Nissan 370z sound pretty good! She gets treated to new oil, spark plugs and a general check over. Good little 370z service guide for the basics, especially when searching how to replace spark plugs on a 370 z / 350z. Finally good ol Lozzy bear turns up with his super rare Japanese import Nisaan Pulsar. Similar to the official UK Nissan Sunny GTI-R Loz's Nissan Pulsar has been restored from the past after sitting for 7 years. We do some Nissan Pulsar acceleration and will be checking back with Loz for a full Nissan Pulsar review once the car is finished! Includes Mr B, lot's of sexual sounds & some good ol flogging thrown in for good measure. Hope you enjoy the video, fresh content every week! Cheers ML

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