Behind the Wheel - Tradition Recrafted - The 400R

Presented by Meguiar's Mirror Bright This episode of Behind the Wheel explores the art, design and creation of the limited production 400R Porsche from Gunther Werks. The team set about reimagining the lineage of the Porsche 993 bringing forth a modern air cooled GT3 that carries the heritage and design elements in a sleek way. A total production of 25 400R cars will be built.

"You drive an air cooled car by the scruff of its neck and it performs brilliantly..." Amjad Ali 

Not only does the 400R concept feature a full carbon fiber redesigned body but a Rothsport Racing built 430HP air cooled engine. Combined with bespoke KW suspension and square track width, the car truly handles like a race car when it needs to and still able to drive to the office and country rods.

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