2020 Fisker Emotion - New Rival of Tesla Model S!!

The Electric Vehicle Renaissance has truly begun - one that must be met with both timeless, yet futuristic form and hyper-intelligent function.

The EMotion by Fisker strikes a provacative balance of EV performance, timeless design and next generation vehicle autonomy

Powerful. Range.
0-60 in less than 3 seconds and 400+ miles range to enjoy it.

The EMotion's dynamic sportiness is unmatched by any other electric car on the market. It has the remarkable capability of going 0-60 mph in under 3 seconds with a stunning top speed of 160 mph. The multiple electric motors deliver more than 575 KW ( approx 780hp) of power to enhance the driver's acceleration. So while it's gentle on the environment, it's ferocious on the pavement. All Wheel Drive

Dare to Fly.
Introducing the World's First Butterfly Doors

The one of-a-kind Fisker Butterfly Doors are not only designed to allure you inside, they also enhance accessibility. Each door is equipped with touch sensitive sensors to monitor the proximity of surroundings and smoothly open up and out of the way. And it’s all done through your smartphone. Prepare to fly above everyone else.

Relax and Let Go.
Autonomous Capability Creates Pure On-Demand Tranquility.

The EMotion comes equipped with our advanced autonomous driving system with the ability to conquer everything from start and stop traffic to sailing in the Fastlane. The EMotion’s autonomous system is composed of multiple LIDAR sensors throughout the body, ultrasonic sensors and cameras with the capability of reacting quickly through the short-range and long range radar. Finally, a car where you can truly sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

Thrilling, yet Chilling.
The EMotion’s crafted luxury and hyper-personalization redefines all expectations. We didn’t simply design an interior, we created an environment.

-Sweeping Screens Throughout
-Four or Five Seat Option -Electrochromatic Tint -Dramatic Spacious Interior
-The Details have Details.
Experience a new category of superior EV luxury.
-24” Standard Wheels / Optional Carbon-Edition
-Full Aerodynamic Spoilers + Diffusers
-Immerse yourself in a truly unique customer experience
- encompassing every detail from your
first contact with your future vehicle to our innovative service.

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