👑 YouTube Rewind - GTR Fully Modified in Just 6 months!

Youtube Rewind - We got our GTR in May and by the end of 2017 we had ourselves a fully modified and tuned R35 GTR with 650bhp! We also met Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, James May, Blackpanthaa and Loads of F1 Drivers! Here is my Youtube Rewind 2017!

Thanks to all of the companies this year that helped with the GTR:
Wrap: Dub Customs: https://gskngs.to/jxZrm
Wheels: Dymag: https://gskngs.to/Dymag
Exhaust: Fi Exhaust: https://gskngs.to/fiexhaust
Tuning: Knight Racer: https://gskngs.to/knight
Tyres: Mitchelin: https://gskngs.to/Michelin4S
Number Plate: https://gskngs.to/0ErqZ

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