WHO WILL WIN? WTF86 will roll-race a Formula 1 car! Street car vs ultimate f1 racing machine.

We want your opinion! :)

We're racing an F1 car against a Toyota 86 in a roll race at the Adelaide Motorsport Festival next weekend. Who will win? Give us your feedback!

It’s an unlikely battle, but one that will surely generate a lot of interest and debate: what happens when a Formula One car and a 2012 Toyota 86 go head-to-head?

The answer should be straightforward, but… the Toyota is far from stock.

Yes, it’s the our widebody WTF86, fitted with a 4.1-litre (stroked from 3.8L) twin-turbo Nissan R35 GT-R engine that pumps out more than 1100 horsepower (830kW) at the wheels.

That’s a couple of hundred horses up on its competition – the Footwork Arrows FA15 that was driven to 8th place at the Adelaide Grand Prix in 1994.

Of course, the F1 car is a lot lighter, so the result is really anyone’s guess.

Steering the WTF86 will be V8 Supercar driver Tim Slade, fresh from his victory at the World Time Attack Challenge in Sydney last month. Slade is no stranger to the Footwork either, having driven it in our Race to the City film. Fellow film star Josh Kean will be in the FA15, and both drivers will be determined to claim bragging rights.

The contest will be a roll race, a form of drag race that begins with the two cars driving side by side at low speed before being flagged to start.

Who will win? We have no idea. There’s only one way to find out… See this at 4:45pm on Saturday December 9, at the Adelaide Motorsport Festival.

Statistics at a glance:

1994 Footwork “FA15” F1

Engine: Ford Cosworth DFR 3.5L V8. 620 hp (462 kW at the engine) at 10,750 rpm

Weight: ~515kg (dry, without driver)

2012 Toyota 86 “WTF86”

Engine: Nissan R35 GTR VR38 stroked to 4.1L. V6TT. Over 1100hp (830 kW at the wheels) at 6,500 rpm, Estimated ~ 1300hp at the engine.

CarAdvice will have exclusive cameras fitted to the two vehicles, so if the Toyota can get traction down (via some chunky drag radials thanks to Tuner's Edge), it could make for some interesting racing!

Be sure to check out the Adelaide Motorsport Festival next weekend (December 9th) if you're local!

Weight: ~1400kg (without driver)