WE DID IT! WTF86: Toyota 86 with 4.1L R35 GTR engine kills dyno, makes flames & smashes power goals!

It's be a long road, but we are nearly there! In fact WTF86 is ready to go to it's first event next week!

After over a year of work, we finally hit our target horsepower figure, and there's still more left in it :)

In this update, we take you to GT Auto, throw our R32 GTR on the dyno, do the final tuning on WTF86, crack the four figures at the wheels, cooked the dyno, take you for a tour of McElrae Racing, do some dyno runs, test out the anti lag, make some flames, paint some wheels and give you a little insight into the last stages of getting this car ready for it's big showdown against a Formula 1 car in a roll race,

Yep, that's right, next weekend WTF86 will be going head to head against a 1994 FA15 Formula 1 car in a roll race.. Who will win? We actually have no idea!

In this episode, special thanks to:

MCA Suspension
McElrae Racing
Tuner's Edge
Option 1 Garage
Cameron's Bodyworks
GT Auto
999 Automotive
Koya Hankook/Gary's
Motorsport Tyres

Music thanks to Consinity (consinitymusic.com).
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