SuperCar Playground: Texas Invitational!

The Super Car Playground: Texas Invitational, is a bi annual event put on by Texas Speed Syndicate at a small municipal airport outside of Dalls/Fort Worth, Texas! Bringing some of the countries most powerful and capable cars together for a cutthroat competition of skill as drivers race from a rolling start, to a distance of 1500 feet. Not only do the drivers only have 1500’ to achieve the highest speed and beat their opponent, but they still have to shut down in less than that with the remaining section of runway! This event pulls in some of the countries most incredible street machines from companies like Underground Racing, Dallas Performance, Evolution Motorsports, Calvo Motorsports, and MORE. Grab a seat, a snack, and strap in for a ride back to our first time covering Texas Invitational!

“Texas Invitational is a new event to the 1320Video lineup of racing coverage and with some of the FASTEST & CRAZIEST street cars in the country it fits right into the mix! With countless 1,000 to 1,500+ HP Lambo’s, Corvette’s, GT-R’s, Porsche’s, etc… it was a weekend full of non-stop, crazy roll-racing action! You won’t believe the caliber of cars included in this event, it was almost like a dream seeing all of these insanely fast machines in one spot trapping 150-190MPH! Covering over 100 grudge races on Saturday and the full day’s worth of eliminations on Sunday, 1320Video brings you all of the action!"

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