H2Oi 2017 | Mike K

Ever since 2014 H2Oi has been my favorite automotive event in the world. Since then I've grown as a filmmaker and spent time working to develop my own style to this craft. Slow, patient edits with long shots cut to cloudy artists like Eric Dingus and Corbin is what I appreciate.

The opportunity to attend H2O once again and put together a film the way I chose to is a blessing and I hope you all enjoy this years film as much as I enjoyed filming and cutting it. Thank you everyone who took the time to drive the camera car for me, contact friends to be in the film, show up and shoot with me for hours, and just remind me how lucky we are to have such an amazing hobby we all share so passionately.

Huge thank you to Rotiform for helping me create this film while allowing me to have full creative control over the final product.

Thank you all for watching. Hope you enjoy!