H2O International 2017 | SchwaaFilms

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 A little long overdue, but it is finally here, the H20i 2017 movie! Very sorry for the delayed release, I’ve been having some minor issues with my computer. For the past 4 years now I’ve gone down to H20i, and I look forward to it every year unlike any other event. Although I love how this movie came out over last years, it’s still not exactly where I would love it to be. But each and every year I grow more and more as a videographer and cinematographer. Each year at H2Oi, I’ve always came down with the mindset to just film as much as I can 24/7, and try and capture all of the cars, the vibes, and the madness that goes on during the entire week, I think in this years movie I’ve captured that better than the past few years. After watching this movie over and over again, there are tons of things that I would love to change about my filming style and what I capture, and I’m now really looking forward to 2018 and putting all of that in motion. I would like to give a HUGE shoutout to everyone who helped out in the making of this movie, as well as everyone who was in it. With that being said I really hope you guys enjoy this years movie! Please subscribe and share!

A special thanks to:
Mike Lospinuso
Jeff Werfel
Stephen Kim
Michael Nguyen
Nick Falzarano
Vic Tran

Additional footage by:
Stephen Kim
Mike Lospinuso

Music (in order of sequence, please support all the artists!):

ELCOSINERO - Salsa Trap instrumental

Yasu - Faith

Robin Hustin - Phobos

WEVLTH - Higher

No Copyright Music - Kygo Style Tropical House

Mickeen - Different Story

Harukasuka - Erased

Halcyon - Runaway (feat. Valentina Franco | TARI Remix)

Sodium Vapor - Coastal

Street Cleaner - Enemy Territory

The Audible Doctor - The Vibe Feat. Oddisee & Hassaan Mackey

Dirty Palm - Oblivion (feat. Micah Martin)

TULE - Lost

TIIMO - The Days