VW Golf MK2 16V Turbo EDITION ONE | Mario Kläbig | VWHome

Mario's first car was an Edition One Golf MK2 from June 1989 with a 16V 129bhp, it came with the small bumpers and was sold like that for only a few month. Thats why he've always wanted to have one of these cars. Mario can connect it to his youth and now he's sitting in it! BBS E28 in 17" with H&R deep coilovers, an 16V Turbo with custom made air intake, fuel lines, beautiful and clean the whole engine room. Some of you might remember his MK1 cabrio and Golf MK1 back around 2005 and 2008. All of his cars were pure enthusiast built Classics with a decent touch of tuning, always low as possible with static suspension. We absolutly love his MK2 and can't wait for 2018 to begin with such a great german built.

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