Twin Turbo 1100HP Camaro Ride Along!

A Twin Turbo 1100HP Camaro Ride Along on a closed runway was perfect way to end a WILD weekend! From making pulls on the dyno and competing in sanctioned classes, to making half mile "wild open” pulls, this Chevrolet Z28 Camaro proved itself to be a worthy Street Machine! Starting off the weekend with a dyno party at Cordes Performance Racing (hosted by Street Car Takeover), this tasteful Camaro put down some IMPRESSIVE numbers while almost taking flight! Continuing the stress test while getting some seat time on the track, the TT Camaro entered into the LSx vs Modular class of Street Car Takeover’s Wild Horse Pass track day! Wrapping up the weekend with a casual day of 1/2 mile racing down a closed airstrip during Omega Motorsports No Fly Zone in Gila Bend, AZ!

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