BONUS #DailyVlog from South Africa!! My mum have always been around for me in my career - and is always the one that have said NO when my plans have been to crazy! She has 100 % control of my economy!! But now I got the chance to take ALL control, when she joined me in the passenger seat in my Ford Focus RS RX at the smokeshow in Gymkhana Grid! She was screaming - A LOT - but I think she really enjoyed it!

Check out my run with my dad at last years Gymkhana Grid here:

I get to try out one of my dreams, a everyday vlog! We are in Cape Town, South Africa for the final event of the 2017 FIA World Rallycross Championship this weekend, and Gymkhana Grid in Johannesburg next weekend! We brought a new guest filmer and editor, Vlad Lushyn - and together we will try to give you a everyday vlog from our days here! 

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