Milk run. (Short film) | 4K

This was produced for my final major assessment at RMIT.(Bachelor of Photography). It's a little bit different to what I usually post on here so I thought i'd briefly explain the meaning and concept below.

"Often we have a presumed idea in our head about what a certain person's interests are, what they enjoy and what their hobbies consist of.
We assume these things because of the way a person looks or how they might act or dress. 

In reality we never truly know their motive or what makes them tick.

Through the escape into our passions, there is a freedom and release afforded to us. The kind of release and freedom the car enthusiast experiences on the late night drive."

Special thanks to the following people for making this project happen. 

Actor - Declan James
Car Owner - Phoung Em
Car Driver - Tin Nghe
Camera car driver - Aaden Hughes

Filmed and Edited by Ben Hartnett

Music: CLFRD - In the Dark.