We Gatecrashed Slipstream with Team Insanity, at Pocono Raceway, NJ August, 2017

Well, the boys from Team Insanity flew me out from Australia to New York to hang out and then play with 2000hp cars at a crazy event called "Slipstream"out at the NASCAR track at Pocono Raceway, NJ.

What an incredible experience!

A week before the event, I'd never met any of them aside from my good friend Doron. He convinced me to fly in for a whirlwind tour with these crazy kids...

I land in NYC, get picked up in a 750whp BMW M3, got taken to a NASCAR racetrack out in Pocono, raced in their GTR's ranging from 1500 to 2000 horsepower - did 324kph down the main straight in their "medium" power GTR...

Then they put me up for a week in a mansion, throw me the keys to a new BMW 7 series, took me to dinner in a Twin Turbo Audi R8, did tours of theirs and their friends workshops... Got the shit scared out of me in a 1000hp supercharged jeep, then again in another 2000hp GTR (mental!!). I have never met a bunch of more down to earth, friendly guys - and while they spend half the day yelling at each other (mostly benny - yelling at the world around him), they truly treat each other like family.. Hard to believe a week ago I'd never even met you guys! Talk about a whirlwind tour 🤗

Meidan, Efi, Doron, Demo, Brad, Benny, Manny, and all the other guys, I can't thank you all enough for your hospitality, I appreciate it more than you know! Even though I was sick for the majority of my stay, I had a such a great time and look forward to hanging out with you in future.. be sure to visit Australia soon :)

Anyway, this video is of part of my experience :)