VW Golf MK2 GTI | Marco Schütte | Saugergroup | VWHome

The perfect MK2 GTI is hard to find. Marco and his brother Sven found this Original Marsred 1,8 litre GTI with 112 hp and an awesome condition in Austria. The 8v engine and trim kept like delivered straight from Wolfsburg in April 1985. Inside were Scirocco seats in the same trim added to get the passengers in the correct position for trips in the dub. H&R rebound 80 coilovers from dumped, BBS RS in 7x17 ET 38 & 185/35/17 were mild tuning additions for an original touched modification as the Saugergroup is known for. Be sure this won't be the last car we will show you the Schütte brothers were involved in, to be continued..