Odi Hits James Deane & Matt Drives His S14 for the Last Time - FD FINAL | Frenemies EP8: Irwindale

THE FORMULA DRIFT FINAL FIGHT - The "Last Irwindale" *again*

This is the finale of the Falken Tire / Ark Performance FRENEMIES 2017 FD season. We've followed Matt Field and Odi Bakchis around FD this year as they've battled others, eachother, and themselves. It's been a wild season, and this event at Irwindale didn't disappoint. Both Matt & Odi made Top16, but Matt got knocked out soon after. Odi carried on beating Michael Essa, but unfortunately got a little to close to James Deane, resulting in a nail-biter ending in his contention for third overall.

Thanks so much for watching and following along with us this season. And if you'd like to see a Season 2, please let us know in the comments!

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