1966 Chevrolet Suburban Restomod Project - Insane Build of the Lime Crush Suburban

Companies in the automotive aftermarket often find themselves trying to display their product on racks or tables at shows and expos, but the best way is to showcase the product in a vehicle. That is exactly what the Accel Performance Group thought when trying to find the perfect marketing vehicle. That answer came by way of a 1966 Chevrolet Suburban that would make the perfect starting point for a build of epic proportions. After the vehicle was purchased, it was promptly delivered to the Roadster Shop, in Mundelein, Illinois, for the transformation of a lifetime.

The first item on the agenda was to rid the truck of everything but the bare sheet metal. This left a fresh canvas as a starting point for the talented fabricators at the Roadster Shop to begin the massaging process. Reshaped, smoothed, and tucked front and rear bumpers give the Chevy a clean look coming and going. All four wheel openings were then stretched and reshaped to give the bottom half of the truck a custom touch. The top half features shaved door handles, a modified hood and fenders, and one-piece, flush-mounted glass all the way around. Under the hood, a completely smoothed firewall was created to give all the attention to the big-block that would soon reside there. After some final touches, the body went into the paint booth and received a coat of custom-mixed PPG “Mr. Gasket Green” paint on the body and eggshell white paint on the roof. This truck is certainly a lime green masterpiece and the perfect place to showcase Accel’s products. Mr. Gasket spared no expense with this build. Everything down to the surfboard rack, surfboards, and stickers was custom made.