Eurokracy Montreal 2017 (4K)

After attending Eurokracy Montreal a few years back just for fun it was an amazing site to see an email asking me to come up and cover this years event. The events that go on during this show were things I thought I would love to capture, mostly the burnout pit. So we made our way up to Montreal from New York and I got to filming! We quickly captured 3 cars for quick breaks in the film and then capture both days of the show! A little bit of rain slowly things down shortly but the burnout pit turned things back up to 100 real quick! It was an amazing show and I met so many of you guys out there! Meeting so many people who watch my videos from another country was an amazing feeling, and to hear you guys chanting my name from the crowd was on a whole other level. Thank you guys for that. I hope you enjoy this event coverage film as its slightly different than what I normally do including interviews and more people and events that took place than cars. Eurokracy and I wanted to focus more so on the experience of Eurokracy than just the cars that attend. Let me know what you guys think in a comment! Thanks for watching!

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