AUDI 90 20V TURBO | VWHome

As a young teenager the passion for Audi 90 began with the car of a good friend and turned into the first own car with this Audi 90 Typ 81 from 1986. The original tizianred was repainted, new beige leather, alcantara and carpet took place inside together with Recaro seats, h&r deep coilovers, 7,5x17" BBS RS were modifications over years. Last step was to switch from the original JS engine to an AAN of an Audi S4. Audiland revised and strengthened the whole engine. It got a brandnew KKK 24/7200 with an elbow, vems motor control, 3 inch exhaust system, Wagner intake and custom made pipes and coolers. A mass flywheel transmits the power with a manual 6 speedgearbox to the wheels on the axle and brakes of an Audi RS2. After all these years i fulfilled all my wishes, but only the engine turned this beauty into my dream which isn’t under control and well that something Alan Watts meant, for me it is bliss.