TT throwback! Ian Lougher wins the 1990 Isle of Man TT Junior Race

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Welshman Ian 'Lucky' Lougher scored a superb victory over race favourite Steve Hislop in the 1990 Isle of Man TT Junior race. On Ray Cowles’s 250 Yamaha. Lougher pipped the 'Flying Haggis' Steve Hislop by 1.8 seconds and he smashed the race and lap records, going round on his last lap at an incredible 117.80mph, 38 seconds inside Eddie Laycock’s 1989 record. Laycock finished in third place some two minutes behind the leading duo. Brian Reid had been holding a safe third until his engine seized just before Ballacraine on the final lap.

On completion of lap one, Hislop with a new lap record of 114.93mph led the way, only 1.8 seconds ahead of Ian Lougher. Brian Reid was some 11 seconds back in third, followed by Ian Newton, Carl Fogarty and the rest of the Irish quarter of Johnny Rae, Joey Dunlop Eddie Laycock and Phillip McCallen. Joey, in fact, had to start from the rear of the field after having to fit a new battery on the start-line.

Hislop’s second lap was another record at 116.55mph, then came his pit stop – when his fuel cap was dropped into his fairing – losing him several seconds, while Lougher had a smooth stop. Hislop’s lost time in the pits showed at Ballacraine on lap three, as he had surrendered his lead to Lougher. Steve was now two seconds in arrears. By Ballaugh he had pulled back one second, while Reid was still third.

By the time they had flashed through to start their fourth and final lap, Hislop was back into the lead again by just 2.4 seconds from Lougher with Reid now half a minute down. At the end of lap three, both Joey Dunlop and Ian Newton retired from the race, due to mechanical problems.

By Ballacraine on the last circuit Lougher was amazingly back into the lead again, albeit by only one second. The unlucky Brian Reid who had held third throughout the race, was forced out at Ballacraine with a seized engine and this let Eddie Laycock through into third place. At Ballaugh commentator Fred Clarke revealed that Lougher was now two seconds ahead. It was also clear that the lap record was going to be given a hammering, as Hislop had been timed at over 117mph on a flying Ballaugh to Ballaugh lap!

The positions were the same at the Bungalow, and everyone waited to see if Hislop could again get the better run down the Mountain, and snatch a dramatic victory.

However, Lougher wasn’t going to be denied his first TT win and with a blistering lap of 19 minutes 13 seconds - 117.80mph - he held on to win by 1.8 seconds. Brian Reid scored a great win in the Supersport 600 race, riding the Budweiser FZR600 Yamaha. In fact it was an Ulster one-two-three-four as behind Reid came Johnny Rea on Joe Millar’s Yamaha, Steven Cull third on Charlie Smiley’s Yamaha and Mark Farmer on Colin Aldridge’s Yamaha fourth.

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