The Manhart MH3 550 is a WILD M3!

Take a BMW M3 30 Jahre edition and bump it up to 550 horsepower and you've got something a little bit crazy! That is exactly what Manhart have done with the MH3 550, as well as introducing a new exhaust system, wheels and suspension setup. What do you think of this wild BMW?

The BMW M3 30 Jahre edition was a special edition introduced to celebrate 30 years since the first E30 M3, it introduced a small power hike and new differential versus the regular M3 model. That came with 450PS and 550Nm instead of 430PS, before Manhart raised that again to 550PS and 700Nm of torque. Visually the modifications are subtle; a carbon fibre bonnet, 21" Manhart wheels, lip spoiler and new exhaust tips.

Thanks for watching, Tim